Findom POV

Financial Domination - POV - Money Dommes

This mistress knows that her slaves have never and will never do better than her. They are losers and she is the most beautiful thing that has ever given them time. She likes to excite them with her sexy body and makes them fantasize. But her time is money and they have to compensate her for it and they never have a problem doing it since they adore her so much.

Mistress Lisa Jordan loves having fun and sometimes it comes at the expense of her slaves. Today she wanted to use her vore fetish to humiliate her slave and make him give her money. She made her findom slave watch as she showed him what she wanted to do to him. She got him all scared and he knew that to make her stop, all he needed was to give him some money.

Mistress Akara does not like to use kinkiness on paypigs. She does the opposite and makes it as normal as she can. That is whys he appeals to those paypigs who are not into extreme kinkiness. She likes to come across as the girl next door. She then uses her sweet words and teases them a little and it never fails to work. When she is done, they appreciate her efforts.

Mistress Harley is a bad bitch. She decided to cut out a niche for herself in her findom fetish and she goes for those paypigs who want bad bitches. She is all tattooed and she has big tits. She uses these as well as her kinky antics to make the paypigs crazy and wild with desire. Then she gives them instructions on how to satisfy themselves. Then they make it rain on her.

Bratty Jamie is a hot mistress. She is sexy but the most important quality she has is that she is a kinky mistress. She uses these strengths to make paypigs do what she wants. She blows their minds away by what she does and when she is done, they cannot wait to show her appreciation for what she did for them. They get into their wallets and shower her with money.

Lisa Jordan has an amazing ass. This mistress knows her assets well and she plays to her strengths. She knows there is hardly any straight guy who can resist her ass and her tits and she uses them to get to her paypigs. She makes them horny and gets them to masturbate and when they have cum, she makes them make it rain on her. And after such a performance, they have no problem making it rain.

When you see her ass, you will wish you were inside it. This mistress is the definition of sexy and she knows it. When she discovered findom, she knew that was what she was born to do. And she does it with such a passion that she is one of the best in the business. She knows how to flirt with, tease and hypnotize her paypigs. And they make it rain on her.

Goddess Amber discovered findom and she has never looked back. She even quit her job to concentrate on her paypigs because she realized it was a lot of fun and she made a lot of money out of it. Today she was just having fun with the paypigs and not necessarily dominating them financially because in as much as she dominates them financially, she also cares about them and their welfare.

Princess Cera has an ass to die for. And she is gifted in flirting. When she uses that deadly combination coupled with her pretty face, her paypigs do not stand a chance against her mind fuck business. She took advantage of it today and got her paypigs bloods boiling. She entertained them and when she was done, they did not hesitate to shower her with money for what she had done for them.

Mistress Lisa Jordan knows how to get her slaves and paypigs screwed up. She loves it because she can manipulate them anyway she likes. And the best thing about it is that she can get them to give her money. They are her pay bitches but she tries to make them have a good time as well. Today she did not want money. She just wanted to entertain them a bit.

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