Findom POV

Financial Domination - POV - Money Dommes

This smoldering hot redhead uses all her feminine powers to hypnotize you and put you in a trance to do her bidding. Her long red hair captivates your eyes and you become submissive to her. She puts you deeper under her influence by mind fucking you with her eyes, her lips and her sensual voice. You fall under her spell and are ready to be humiliated by her. You have been dominated.

Lisa Jordan is one of the most stunning raven haired beauties on the internet and she uses her beauty and charms to tease you. She puts a dildo under the camera and strokes it and she makes it easy for you to imagine that it's your dick. She teases you by looking at you and sticking her tongue out seductively then bends over while you imagine fucking her deep and hard.

Amber is pretty enough to put you in a trance but she wants to hypnotize you so she can completely mind fuck you. She uses her soft lips, sensual voice and fuzzy white gloves to get you where she wants you. She whispers at you as you watch her lips move and you are ready to do whatever she says. This type of domination is easy to fall victim to because she's beautiful.

Kitty is a pretty blonde who dominates you with her feet but she wants more from you than just worshiping her feet. She wants all your cash and she knows that her sexy bare legs and feet are enough to make you want to do anything she says. Accept her financial domination and fork over some cash if you want to continue worshiping her soft bare feet and toes.

This ebony goddess put on a Santa suit so she could ruin you with some financial domination. She lets you know how naughty you are and how you have to give her all your cash for being naughty. She is a femdom queen who is very convincing when she is persuading men to be her slave. She loves to humiliate men and make them do things they will regret later.

Womens clothing sure can have a powerful effect on a man especially when that man tries them on. It's like a drug you crave you need to become the best little sissy you can be. Now I need you to gather some clothing, red lipstick just like mine and of course a toy, it doesn't have to be a huge toy but a toy that I know you are going to enjoy. I am going to instruct you on just how to become for feminine and many others things planed to help feed your habbi

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