Findom POV

Financial Domination - POV - Money Dommes

Princess Cera has an ass to die for. And she is gifted in flirting. When she uses that deadly combination coupled with her pretty face, her paypigs do not stand a chance against her mind fuck business. She took advantage of it today and got her paypigs bloods boiling. She entertained them and when she was done, they did not hesitate to shower her with money for what she had done for them.

Mistress Lisa Jordan knows how to get her slaves and paypigs screwed up. She loves it because she can manipulate them anyway she likes. And the best thing about it is that she can get them to give her money. They are her pay bitches but she tries to make them have a good time as well. Today she did not want money. She just wanted to entertain them a bit.

This mistress likes to take it a notch higher. Mistress Bratty likes to make her slaves as horny as they have never been and then make them do crazy things. Today she wanted them to give her money and so she used her dildo. It drove them wild and they begged for her to continue and before she did, she made sure they gave her money. They gave her lots of it.

When you see Mistress Lisa Jordan's assets, you cannot help but want to smash her like no one has ever done. But she knows how to tease and likes to use her assets to make cash. It never fails because she is slutty and has a great pair of tits, ass and lips. She knows how to get them to cum and they have to pay her once they do. It always works.

Mistress Sophia has an ass to die for and she likes to use it to get stuff and favors. She has a great pair of tits as well and when she is not using her ass, she is certainly taking advantage of her tits. In rare instances like today, she uses both and it is a deadly combination that her paypigs just cannot resist. And that is usually when she wants lots of money.

Mistress Akara does not do it like other mistresses. She likes to do it by being friendly to her slaves and paypigs. She wants them to consider her a friend and that way, she can manipulate and hypnotize them easily. And it is so effective and that is evidenced by her bank balance. The slaves and pay pigs are always too eager to pay her for what she does for them.

This mistress is as slutty as they come. And in this business, you need it. You need to have your slaves wrapped around your finger and the best way to do it is to make sure that you have them through your mad tease skills. That way, you can make them your wallet. This mistress knows that and she does it so effortlessly. And she makes lots of money from them.

Mistress Lisa Jordan has a gorgeous body but she does not have to use it to get cash from her slaves. She has mad hypnosis skills and she uses those. She has good teasing skills too and she has lips to die for. She uses those to get her way and when she does it, she does it like no one else can. That is what makes her the undisputed findom queen.

This mistress is easy on the eye and more so to her slaves and pay pigs. They know they can never do better than her and she likes to take advantage of that to make them her pay bitches. But she is not like other mistresses who make it a one way relationship. She likes to make it symbiotic and that is why she does them good once in a while. She also enjoys what she does to them.

Mistress Harley is one tattooed bitch. She knows her paypigs love her craziness and bad girl attitude. They find it sexy and she is always too eager to please them. She likes to give them what they want and they give her what she wants in return. What she wants is always their money and after she has flirted with them and gets them to cum, they gotta pay her.

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