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Mistress Harley likes to issue instructions. She especially likes to do it to her money slaves. She does it because it is fun seeing them do what she wants and it sort of satisfies them when she teases them and they jerk off so it is a win win situation. She does this regularly just the same way they also pay her regularly but since she has mind fucked them, they do not see how the two are connected.

This mistress is sexy and she knows it. She decided to go the unlikely route of hypnotizing losers and money slaves so as to make good money. She did not want anything complicated. She was only supposed to tease and deny them and brain fuck them so that they remain wrapped around her finger and if she does it right and gets them hooked, she will have an endless stream of cash.

Lisa Jordan has a body to die for. And she likes to use it for money without really using it. She does not sell it but she has it for show. She has pay pigs who can't get near hot women and she is the only one who can give them her time. She likes to show them her good and sometimes when she is in the mood, strip for them. They in turn appreciate her with great gifts and money.

This mistress today was doing something different. Something that she had never done before. She was taking questions and suggestions from her money slaves. She did not want it to be a one way sort of relationship. Today she was doing what they wanted without expecting anything from them. She teased them, showed her tits, her ass and danced for them a little. They would pay next time she does it for them.

After her latest episode of mind fucking her slaves, this mistress was counting how much she had made. It was her biggest collection to date and she could not believe that she had made all that money. She had finally found out what they loved and she was sure to serve it on them so that while she teased and hypnotized them, she would make even more money from them.

With her fine ass, this mistress knows there is nothing that is not within her reach. She likes to have fun at the expense of others so she got money slaves who adore her and worship the ground she walks on. She is naughty and likes showing off her body including her gorgeous ass to them. But it is never for free since they pay her handsomely every now and then.

This mistress knows that her slaves have never and will never do better than her. They are losers and she is the most beautiful thing that has ever given them time. She likes to excite them with her sexy body and makes them fantasize. But her time is money and they have to compensate her for it and they never have a problem doing it since they adore her so much.

Mistress Lisa Jordan loves having fun and sometimes it comes at the expense of her slaves. Today she wanted to use her vore fetish to humiliate her slave and make him give her money. She made her findom slave watch as she showed him what she wanted to do to him. She got him all scared and he knew that to make her stop, all he needed was to give him some money.

Mistress Akara does not like to use kinkiness on paypigs. She does the opposite and makes it as normal as she can. That is whys he appeals to those paypigs who are not into extreme kinkiness. She likes to come across as the girl next door. She then uses her sweet words and teases them a little and it never fails to work. When she is done, they appreciate her efforts.

Mistress Harley is a bad bitch. She decided to cut out a niche for herself in her findom fetish and she goes for those paypigs who want bad bitches. She is all tattooed and she has big tits. She uses these as well as her kinky antics to make the paypigs crazy and wild with desire. Then she gives them instructions on how to satisfy themselves. Then they make it rain on her.

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